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Take a look at the flavors and stories behind Tubby's Taste Cookies!

Taste of Paradise Cookie

Coconut, Oatmeal & Cinnamon

Taste of Paradise Coconut Oatmeal Vegan Cookies Tubby's Taste

After a long day of middle school in Miami, my grandmother would prepare an after-school treat for me─it always made the long days feel a little less long. The treat was made with just three ingredients: oats, condensed milk, and spices. Pure and simple, this cookie is inspired by those sweet childhood afternoons.

The Taste of Paradise cookie combines coconut, oatmeal, and cinnamon for that warm, fresh-from-the-oven bliss.

INGREDIENTS: Organic unbleached wheat flour; organic virgin coconut oil; organic cane sugar; brown sugar (sugar, cane molasses); natural unsulphured coconut, whole grain rolled oats, organic milled flaxseed; water; vanilla extract; cinnamon, baking soda; baking powder; and salt.
CONTAINS: Coconut, Wheat 

Home Sweet Home Cookie

Mango, Coconut & Lime


Tubby's Taste Home Sweet Home Mango Coconut Lime Vegan Cookies

My fondest memories of the fruit are of my grandmother slicing a bunch up for us grand kids and in my mind at least, I imagined that she’d give her favorite grandchild at the moment the mango seed (with lots of fruit still on it of course). Getting the mango seed meant something special, for sure. Due to it’s juiciness, slipperiness through our child sized grips, and staining capabilities, my grandmother would make us eat the seed over the kitchen sink.

Although I’m now a grown up, this is something I still do to this day. Grab a mango, slice it up, and eat the seed over the sink. That’s why I’ve named this cookie “Home Sweet Home.” Mango, Coconut, and Lime represent a lot of what my grandmother’s kitchen was about.

INGREDIENTS: Organic unbleached wheat flour; organic virgin coconut oil; organic cane sugar; organic brown sugar (sugar, cane molasses); natural unsulphured coconut; organic whole grain rolled oats; organic milled flaxseed; water; organic mango; lime juice; baking soda; baking powder; natural sea salt; lime zest, and organic lime extract.
CONTAINS: Coconut, Wheat

Island Spice Cookie

Molasses, Ginger & Cinnamon


Autumn Spice Ginger Molasses Vegan Cookies Tubby's Taste

Do you ever hear a song and get transported back to another time in your life immediately? That is basically what any Beres Hammond song does to me. One play of “Rock Away” or “They Gonna Talk” and I’m immediately an 8-year-old child enjoying playing with my cousins at a huge family party.

Growing up in Miami, it was always pretty warm during the holidays so we hosted our parties both inside and outside on our back patio. After delicious food was eaten and everyone had made their rounds of hellos the music would start, with some cousin playing DJ.

Being an older elementary school-aged child meant I had the dexterity to be the gopher for any beverage an auntie or uncle might like. I was tasked with handing any adult who wanted their beer of choice, usually Red Stripe, Heineken, or Guinness.

As I dug into the cooler filled with ice-cold beverages I remember seeing ginger beer and deciding to confirm that it was not, in fact, actual beer and as an 8-year-old I could drink it without getting into trouble. Once I had my confirmation from an adult, I took my first swig. IT BURNED! I vowed never to drink it again.

Since that time my taste buds and palate have matured and now ginger is one of my favorite flavors to add to savory and sweet foods and even beverages. And every time I have it, I’m transported back to a different time. I hope that you have a bit of nostalgia with these Island Spice cookies. Ginger and Molasses together are warm and reminiscent of the holidays giving your taste buds a big hug!

INGREDIENTS: Organic unbleached wheat flour; organic virgin coconut oil; organic cane sugar; molasses; organic milled flaxseed; water; baking soda; cinnamon; ginger; cloves; nutmeg; and salt.
CONTAINS: Coconut, Wheat

The Caribbean Punch Cookie

Grapefruit Pineapple Hibiscus Lemon

INGREDIENTS: Organic unbleached wheat flour; organic cane sugar; organic brown sugar (sugar, cane molasses); organic virgin coconut oil; water; whole grain rolled oats; pineapple, pineapple juice and citric acid; dried hibiscus flowers; organic cold milled flaxseed; lemon extract; baking soda; baking powder; ground ginger; crystallized grapefruit [citric acid, grapefruit oil, grapefruit juice]; organic lime juice; and salt.
CONTAINS: Coconut, Wheat