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Vegan cookies.




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Cookie Box Assortment

Cookie Gift Boxes
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Get a chance to try them all! Send a box to yourself or a loved one!

This box contains a Holiday Card of your choice and 12, 24, or 48 packaged cookies in the following flavors:

2 Coconut Oatmeal Cinnamon

2 Mango Coconut Lime

2 Mocha Oat Chocolate Chip

2 Ginger + Sweet Molasses

2 Grapefruit Pineapple Hibiscus

2 Dark Chocolate Chip Sea Salt

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Candace W.
A Client's Dream

Years ago I learned of Tubby's Taste cookies. I order boxes as client gifts and I receive raving feedback about them consistently! I've fallen in love with them as well for myself, family gatherings, and gifts to friends. These cookies are unique with a flavor that puts other cookies to shame..and they're vegan! So amazing! Order today and you'll enjoy every bite!

Matt D.
delicious and inclusive without compromising taste!

i have a few loved ones in my life who are vegan and for gatherings and holidays we do our best to have food that is accessible and inclusive to everyone. tubby’s taste helps us do that and more. often times folks think vegan food and desserts mean compromising on taste (which is false), and these cookies show that’s not true and more. we often have to make sure to order more so that they last longer bc everyone want to eat them no matter what their dietary needs are. i’ve been eating these cookies for years and even as the brand has expanded the taste and flavors remain consistently delicious.

Absolutely delicious!

I love Tubby's Taste cookies! My favorites are Coconut Oatmeal Cinnamon and Ginger + Sweet Molasses. Truly, you can't go wrong with any of the flavors though. The cookies are a must try whether you're vegan or not. They are soft and the flavors are rich and unique. I definitely will be buying them again!

Rae Bouvin
Ridiculously good

These are amazing cookies. I have had lots of the flavors and they are all amazing. Gave out many bags for Christmas last year and they were a hit. I also love that the ingredient list is so good. Will continue to purchase these cookies that I can’t seem to stop eating!

Best cookies

It’s really hard to say which flavor is my favorite. So when I place my orders I always just get one of each. These cookies are just hands down amazing and you can just taste all the different ingredients in every bite.