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Oh. Wow. Yum! Cookie Box

Dark Chocolate Chip & Sea Salt
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Get a box of a half a dozen or a dozen of these delicious medium-sized vegan cookies!

The Story Behind the Oh. Wow. Yum! Cookie

Every time I taste chocolate, I’m transported back to my grandmother’s kitchen on Christmas morning. While the rest of the world was drinking hot cocoa, my Jamaican grandmother, Mama, was whipping up Chocolate Tea. I watched as she lovingly grated fresh cocoa blocks into a pot of condensed milk and hot water on the stove.

The Oh. Wow. Yum! cookie takes me back to those chocolatey Christmas mornings with Mama. Not your typical chocolate chip cookie, the salty-sweet Oh. Wow. Yum! was designed to give you feelings of comfort, surprise, and delight! 

INGREDIENTS: Organic unbleached wheat flour; unsweetened chocolate, cane sugar; organic virgin coconut oil; organic cane sugar; brown sugar (sugar, cane molasses); organic milled flaxseed; water; vanilla extract; baking soda; salt; and smoked salt.
CONTAINS: Coconut, Wheat

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