Corporate Gifts

Corporate/Bulk Gifts

Treat your team with a morale booster! Thank your clients for that referral!

Our boxes ship nationwide and will include a variety of our currently available flavors. We can also include a note from your company! We have a minimum order of 4 boxes. Here is our price breakdown:

Individual Boxes (minimum 4 boxes)

1- 8 Pack Cookie Bag  $10.99 + Shipping
2- 8 Pack Cookie Bags  $19.99 + Shipping
1 Dozen Indiv. Packaged Cookies
 $22.99 + Shipping

Individually Packaged Cookies (minimum 4 dozen)

Indiv. Packaged Single Cookies

$3/each + shipping

Indiv. Packaged Duo Cookies

$5/each + shipping

Individually Packaged Trio Cookies

$7/each + shipping

Email us at for any inquiries. We'd love to handle your gifts!

How does it work?
1. Complete this form.
2. We will send you a spreadsheet to complete with recipient's shipping info.
3. Complete the spreadsheet and let us know via email.
4. We will email you a quote/invoice and decide on a shipping date.
5. We will take care of the rest!

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