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Vegan cookies.




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Tubby's Taste began in 2014 as a hobby that quickly turned into a passion and a business.

Danielle Tubbs eating a vegan cookie

Tubby's Taste is a delicious dessert company that is surprisingly vegan. Our founder, Danielle "Tubby" Tubbs comes from a long line of Jamaican cake ladies on one side and a host of African-American foodies on the other. A naturally gifted baker, it’s safe to say that baking is in our founder's blood. Raised in Miami, Florida, Danielle was surrounded by unique fruits, foods, and flavors. Sugarcane acted as a homegrown fence, fresh coconuts were a short climb away, and she could depend on neighbors’ yards for the sweetest mangoes known to man! These unique experiences and traditions her family held inform the bold flavors we celebrate in our cookies.  

Tubby’s Taste is created for vegans and non-vegans alike. We hope you'll allow our cookies to be a part of your life — for everyday treats and special occasions!  Go ahead, order your cookies!