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I tasted this masterpiece for the first time and immediately placed another order. The flavors are so rich and distinct. I can’t get enough of them. My favorite cookie of any kind!


The flavors are amazing! It’s fruity and delicately sweet. The hibiscus reminds me of Mom. I feel comforted and satisfied ever time I eat one.

Very Good

This is a cookie for those that like a more understated, mild taste. Tastes light and healthy.


This was an exciting flavor but not over the top. You feel good after eating these delicious cookies…the only problem is: you want more!

Best cookie I’ve ever had.

I literally got it a minute ago. Delicious.

Ginger + Sweet Molasses Vegan Cookies

Vegan Cookie Box Assortment + Card
Tatiana Freeman
Fabulous Product & Customer Service

Danielle is super responsive and accommodating. I purchased a sample pack, and really enjoyed all of their flavors.

Caribbean Punch

This cookie is absolutely wonderful. I can taste each fruit, the pineapple, grapefruit, and I can also taste the hibiscus. Yum!


My family and I enjoyed all of these! They were shipped quickly and packaged carefully, which I appreciated. I kept going back for the Ascension cookies (chocolate, coffee, oats) with my morning coffee, and the Island Spice (ginger and molasses) cookies helped me get through the day!

Amazing Soft & Flavorful

I recently purchased my first order from Tubby's. Baking them straight out the freezer they were surprisingly soft inside. And they taste amazing. I didn't notice the soft baked note on the package prior to buying. The Home Sweet Home & Caribbean Punch are already in my basket to buy again. You have a new customer. : }

Vegan Cookie Box Assortment + Card
Carol Barnett
Super cookie treats!

We ordered several dozen Tubby’s Taste cookies to say thank you to leaders and helpers of Medline’s Black History Month celebration. As usual, the cookies were delicious, Jamaican-inspired treats. We will order again!

Love These Cookies

From the first time I found Tubby's Cookies I've been purchasing them. I enjoy them all and I think everyone should try them for themselves to see for themselves how good they are.

Vegan Cookie Box Assortment + Card

wow. so good. AND VEGAN?! BLESS US ALL

Vegan Delight

These cookies have great, robust flavors that burst in your mouth. That are simply delicious. Try them and I am sure you will agree.


Each of the varieties have a unique blend of flavors that we loved! Also like the chewy soft texture. We will be back for more...

Unlike anything I have ever had!

Loved the texture and unique flavors! Can't wait to order more.

Definitely delicious!

Super tasty!!!


I love these so much, they are so yummy!!!!!!

So amazingly delicious!!!!

I love these cookies!!!!!!


Greatest cookie of all time!🥇🏆

Vegan Cookie Box Assortment + Card
Candace W.
A Client's Dream

Years ago I learned of Tubby's Taste cookies. I order boxes as client gifts and I receive raving feedback about them consistently! I've fallen in love with them as well for myself, family gatherings, and gifts to friends. These cookies are unique with a flavor that puts other cookies to shame..and they're vegan! So amazing! Order today and you'll enjoy every bite!

The best cookies!!

These cookies are amazing: so flavorful AND healthy.
I have re-purchased them several times. It is nice to have a cookie that vegan and non-vegans LOVE. Thank you

Thanksgiving Treat

I sent these cookies to my granddaughter for Thanksgiving because she couldn’t get home for Thanksgiving. She was so pleased to get them, the Ginger Sweet Molasses Cookies are her favorite. She sent me pictures of her enjoying them. The delivery went beautifully. Will be ordering more soon.

Vegan Cookie Box Assortment + Card
Matt D.
delicious and inclusive without compromising taste!

i have a few loved ones in my life who are vegan and for gatherings and holidays we do our best to have food that is accessible and inclusive to everyone. tubby’s taste helps us do that and more. often times folks think vegan food and desserts mean compromising on taste (which is false), and these cookies show that’s not true and more. we often have to make sure to order more so that they last longer bc everyone want to eat them no matter what their dietary needs are. i’ve been eating these cookies for years and even as the brand has expanded the taste and flavors remain consistently delicious.