The Story Behind The Ascension Cookie

The Ascension Cookie

Coffee and Chocolate

The Ascension Chocolate and Coffee Vegan Cookies Tubby's Taste

Blue Mountain Coffee is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, part of which takes place in St. Andrew Parish where my mom’s side of the family is from. Blue Mountain Coffee has chocolate flavor notes so I thought, why not add coffee and chocolate to a delicious cookie? With the Ascension cookie, you will get a pick me up that’ll transport you to a place of bliss!

INGREDIENTS: Organic unbleached wheat flour;  organic brown sugar (sugar cane, molasses); organic cane sugar; organic virgin coconut oil; unsweetened chocolate; organic cocoa powder; organic whole grain rolled oats; organic milled flaxseed; water; instant coffee; vanilla extract; baking soda; baking powder; natural sea salt.
CONTAINS: Coconut, Wheat