The Story Behind The Home Sweet Home Cookie

Home Sweet Home Cookie

Mango, Coconut & Lime

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My fondest memories of the fruit are of my grandmother slicing a bunch up for us grand kids and in my mind at least, I imagined that she’d give her favorite grandchild at the moment the mango seed (with lots of fruit still on it of course). Getting the mango seed meant something special, for sure. Due to it’s juiciness, slipperiness through our child sized grips, and staining capabilities, my grandmother would make us eat the seed over the kitchen sink.

Although I’m now a grown up, this is something I still do to this day. Grab a mango, slice it up, and eat the seed over the sink. That’s why I’ve named this cookie “Home Sweet Home.” Mango, Coconut, and Lime represent a lot of what my grandmother’s kitchen was about.

INGREDIENTS: Organic unbleached wheat flour; organic virgin coconut oil; organic cane sugar; organic brown sugar (sugar, cane molasses); natural unsulphured coconut; organic whole grain rolled oats; organic milled flaxseed; water; organic mango; lime juice; baking soda; baking powder; natural sea salt; lime zest, and organic lime extract.
CONTAINS: Coconut, Wheat